lunes, abril 25, 2011

After Holy Week I don't have anything else to do xD

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Sufrirás si no entiendes inglés... y si lo haces también, por la mala gramática, muajajaja >D
Good Evening everyone!! how are you?? I hope you're alright ^^... I'm trying to write this post in english because I'm bored and I don't want to study (thought I have to)... well, my english is pretty bad so I hope you understand... last week was Holy Week so I didn't do anything special (seriously), mmm... ok, I made an apple pie (it was good so I'm happy) and my mom loved it... she always likes the food I cook so it isn't surprising at all xD... anyway, the week was boring, I mean we (my family) wanted to go to my uncle's country house but the weather was horrible so it was impossible T-T and we had to stay here in Bogotá...

Well, at least I had the opportunity to read Suzanne Collins's "Cathing Fire" and "Mockingjay", I'm still in shock with the final *I don't know how to react* but I think I like it, in general, even though there are some parts that I definitely hate, and I seriously recommend if you haven't read this awesome trilogy yet, don't read the spoiler, I warned you ¬¬... [BIG SPOILER] first, the death of Prim and Finnick, why?? It was a shock and I really suffered... is just unfair, Prim had no reason to die and it was all fault of Coin, I hate her (good for Katniss to kill her)... second, Katniss, you are so human but I almost hated you, I understand after the games, in middle of war, you must be pretty crazy but I think you played too much with the feelings of Gale and Peeta, I'm happy that you chose Peeta but... it happen so fast that it was difficult to follow, in the end everyone was crazy... and Snow deserved to die in other way, it was so easy... [/BIG SPOILER]... well, is my opinion and I don't want you to misunderstand, in the end I think it was the best way to finish the story and the epilogue was beautiful, I loved it... "THE HUNGER GAMES" ARE A MUST TO READ SO GO AND READ IT NOW! xD

About manga, I read Eyeshield 21 and I loved it, maybe I'm fond to spokon but I really liked it, I almost cried in some parts, I suffered with the games (and in some of them I thought something like: "I want both teams to win!! T-T"), I was happy with the victories and very sad with the defeats... really, this manga is great... and I'm reading a manga called "Takkoku", created by Fukushi Tsubasa (author of The Law of Ueki and its sequel) and it's really freak, and when I say really I mean REALLY, if you read or are reading The Law of Ueki you understand in some extend what I mean but in Takkoku he go beyond with his crazy ideas: Japan has a new law that establish to have a ping-pong match if you want to be boyfriend/girlfriend with someone, if you win you are an official couple and if you lose you can't... Gaku was overseas for ten years and when he returns to finally be with Kako forever and ever, he discovers this law and Kako is the champion of Ping-pong in Japan so he have to train in order to defeat Kako and declare his love xD (the plot is pretty absurd itself)

Well, I don't know what to say so I think the best for all of us is to finish this post (I think you didn't understand so much because of my bad english)... the avatar is from the Spiral: Suiri no Kizuna, the characters are Eyes, Rio and Kanon and I made it, the picture is beautiful right?? ^^ I hope you liked the post. See you next week!!

*Run away*

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